Determining the correct identity for symphonies by Georg Anton Kreusser.

While cataloging SCM 178 and LCM 80-82, I discovered an inconsistency between the manuscript copies of Kresser’s 3 symphonies and 3 Kreusser symphonies edited by Robert King in the early 1980s.  King identified the 3 symphonies as opus 13; whereas, (matching musical incipits) RISM identified the 3 symphonies as opus 1 and narrowed the identification further by thematic catalog number (PetK 34-36).

PetK is an abbreviation for the thematic catalog. We don’t own the 1975 work by Edith Peters, Georg Anton Kreusser : ein Mainzer Instrumentalkomponist der Klassik, but we borrowed it from UNC Chapel Hill through Interlibrary Loan.

Using the thematic catalog, it was revealed that not only did the musical incipits match, but the title page text of the manuscripts copied by Johann Friedrich Peter matched the elaborate title page of the first published parts (André, 1777). Our manuscripts indicate that that Peter copied the symphonies in 1786.  I found no evidence to support the use of opus 13 in our collection.

[show the title page of SCM 178 and the thematic catalog page 154 and the RSIM page]

Kreusser, Georg Anton [ascertained]
Symphonies in D major

Work information

Catalog of works: PetK 34

Genre: Symphonies

Title on source: Dx | No I. | VI Sinpfonie | â | Due Violini | Due Oboe | Due Corni | Viola | e | Basso | Dedicate a S. E. il Comte de Schoenborn. &. &. | Del Sig: Kreusser